An Emergency Preparedness Kit Must Have


Emergency preparedness requires individuals to be ready for anything that may happen at home, on the road or while spending time in the wilderness. However, after much consideration of items that would be necessary to have on hand during an emergency, many people fail to remember to one of the most important components for their emergency preparedness kit: something to put it in. If you put as much effort into finding the right bag to hold all of the essentials of your kit, you could ultimately be adding a very useful item to your supply list. Backpacks that are intentionally equipped with survival features are ideal for carrying the equipment that goes into a emergency preparedness kit.

Items To Include in a Kit

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) highlights the importance of being prepared for an emergency by reminding Americans to put together a kit in advance. It is better to have this kit assembled before an emergency situation is even predicted in order to avoid struggling to find supplies at the last minute.

Emergency situations could mean that a family will have to go for an extended period without access to food, water or first aid supplies. Organizing these supplies in a pre-assembled kit allows families to gain peace of mind. Shelf-stable food and water should be included in your provisions, but be sure to save room for other essentials. Other supplies should include a first aid kit, flashlights, a battery-powered radio, various types of batteries, basic tools and a map of the local area. One of the most important things to keep in mind while preparing your kit is that since it cannot be known whether a family will be able to stay in their home during an emergency, it is imperative for an emergency preparedness kit to be portable in nature.

The Role of a Backpack in a Kit

What makes a survival backpack so essential for an emergency preparedness kit? The Red Cross notes that it is important for a person to have their emergency supplies stored in an easy-to-carry pack to be prepared for disaster. Survival backpacks are versatile, durable and manufactured specifically to be used in case of an emergency. Backpacks that are made to be used in an emergency are typically larger than standard backpacks and are relatively “heavy duty” to withstand any adverse weather conditions that may occur.

Backpacks that come with a hydration engine offer a large capacity for water to keep people hydrated during an emergency situation. These backpacks also contain equipment that cleans the contained water to ensure that users have a clean source of water while they are dealing with an emergency.

Finding the Right Backpack For Your Kit

Backpacks that are made to hold an emergency preparedness kit vary in size. The water bladder included with a backpack also comes in different sizes, and opting for larger backpacks with a greater capacity for holding water requires individuals to consider their needs and their ability to carry the backpack. A full range of backpacks can be found on our product website.

Survival backpacks are essential for holding and transporting an emergency preparedness kit. The versatility, durability and convenience of a backpack allows an individual to take important survival equipment with them anywhere and ensure that all of their necessary materials are kept together in one easily accessible place.

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