3 Cheap Uses of Solar Power

Not ready for an expensive and timing consuming solar project? Here are 3 ways you can get started on a budget:

Solar backpack for charging your portable electronics and cell phone

#1 Charge Your Electronics
Never has it been easier to use the sun to feed your smart phone habit. iPads, iPhones, smart phones are not exactly green devices as they use a lot of power so lose the guilt and try out a solar charger. Never has it been easier check out that solar backpack. Example of a solar cell phone charger.

#2 Solar Lights
Both indoors and outdoors solar lights are a great way to keep your home lighted and welcoming without racking up a big energy bill. Remember you can put solar lights in places where there is no electricity so instead of tackling a wiring project you can put in a solar light and save money in the process.

#3 Solar Water Heater
Without starting a complete solar power system you install solar powered water heater to produce the hot water for your home. Because it doesn’t have the high cost of a complete solar system you can enjoy the financial benefits of your investment much quicker. Look into either single tank system or two tank system and start reducing your utility bills.

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