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  • How to Safely Pack Batteries for your Next Trip

    People need batteries to power the large number of personal electronic devices that they enjoy using. However, since the power source provides electricity, people must use caution when traveling with them. The Federal Aviation Administration’s Battery Safety Guidelines To prevent fire related incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has...
  • Back to School Checklist

    Heading back to school is a stressful endeavor, especially if you’re moving out of your home to attend college. As you pack, you may easily overlook a few important items, such as extra batteries for your electronic devices or important personal documents. Before you finalize your preparations, create a checklist...
  • Change Your Watch's Battery before Time is Up!

    If the time is running slowly on your watch or it’s stopped working entirely, it’s probably a good guess that it’s “time” to change your battery, no pun intended. In anticipation of a dying battery, it is wise to purchase a few replacement batteries when you buy your watch so...
  • Features to Consider when Purchasing a Digital Camera

    Every person frantically scours the Internet for a list of the top digital cameras when considering buying one. There are several sites that offer reliable reviews from experts, laying their claims to the “who’s who” in digital cameras at the moment. These lists are helpful to some extent, but they change faster...
  • How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid

    hearing aid

    After being diagnosed with a hearing deficiency, it is critical to begin the search for the perfect hearing aid to suit that individual. While choosing one of these devices can sometimes be overwhelming as it will ultimately require a considerable amount of time and research, it is important that each individual find their perfect aid to allow them to reengage with the wider world. To make the search a bit easier, here are five tried-and-true tips for selecting the perfect model. Continue reading

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