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Yamaha Motor Corporation is dedicated to satisfying their customers with great quality products and unmatched performance. Their powersports line includes motorcycles, ATVs, marine / boats, race karts, snowmobiles and more. In order that you don't miss a single opportunity for a great time with your vehicle, we provide a large selection of replacement batteries for many different Yamaha models.

Wet Cell: otherwise known as Conventional batteries or Flooded lead acid require the consumer to maintain the battery, refilling electrolyte levels as well as desulfation and other tasks. They are most common and economical choices.

Dry Cell: are similar to wet cell; however, they come "dry" so that the customer has to fill the battery themselves first before use. This is good for batteries that will have to travel before being used to avoid hazardous situations.

AGM: also called Sealed lead acid is much more expensive than the other two options. This can be worth the cost, though, as these batteries never need to be maintained or refilled, and they also do not leak or spill, no matter how you position them.

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