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Tired of fumbling with a tool in one hand and and a flashlight in the other? Starting a campfire at night. Reading a map on the side of the road. Spotting a leak in that shadowy, hard to see transmission. Wouldn't it be nice if shedding light on our work and pleasure didn't require having a third hand?

Panther Vision had just that kind of foresight, developing their flashlight hats, the CAPLight and the PowerCap series. Unlike other headlamps that can resemble mining equipment, these powerful LED's are inconspicuously concealed inside or beneath the brim of the average baseball cap. These can be used as company promotional items, a stylish fashion accessory, or for its functionality alone. One thing is for sure: this is not just the ball cap next door.

Structured VS Unstructured - Making the Right Choice
Many of the PowerCaps listed below specify, either in the title or description, that the hat is structured or unstructured. What does this actually mean? A structured hat is reinforced in the front panel, causing it to stand up even when set on a table. This forced structure leaves a small gap between the front of the hat and the head at the hairline when being worn. An unstructured hat does not have this extra reinforcement, and it fits snugly against the head. It often times appears to be a shorter ball cap even if it is the same height. Both forms have their uses, so please be sure when making your selection to choose carefully. Also note that our listings may not depict this slight difference in our images. Please double check the description and, if unsure, call our customer service toll free at 800-515-BIAF.

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