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50pk Sanyo Eneloop AA Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries 1900mAh

50pk Sanyo Eneloop AA Pre-charged Rechargeable Batteries 1900mAh -More

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50 pack of Sanyo Eneloop HR-3UTG Precharged and Ready to Use AA Size Rechargeable Batteries 1900mAh Ni-MH 1.2V Cell The Sanyo Eneloop is a new battery that can be used as easily as a dry-cell battery, and reused simply by recharging it. Eneloop is the new battery that might just change your life style. Sanyo eneloop batteries represent a solution to the problem of excessive self-discharge. Eneloop is not only rechargeable, but it is also recyclable. This makes eneloop an excellent choice from both an environmental and economic point of view.

• 1.2V 1900mAh
• Highest rated Nickel Metal Hydride technology
• Considerably longer run time than conventional Nickel Cadmium batteries
• No memory effect
• Charges up to 1000 times
• May be recharged in any NiMH charger
• Best for high drain devices, such as digital cameras, toys, flashlights, and radios
• Cardboard card for peg hook
• Brand new
• Manufacturer's warranty

Major Advantages Are:
• Comes precharged and ready to use immediately after purchase
• Low self-discharge: once charged, Sanyo's Eneloop rechargeable batteries keep 90% of their charge after 6 months and 85% after 12 months
• Approximately 4 times more shots with your digital camera than with Alkaline batteries
• High performance at low temperatures, even down to –10 °C

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Sanyo
Warranty Life 5yrs
Brand Sanyo
Battery Size AA
Amperage 1900mAh
Output Voltage 1.2
Chemistry NiMH


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