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4x Panasonic CR-V3 3V Photo Lithium Battery for Digital Cameras

4x Panasonic CR-V3 3V Photo Lithium Battery for Digital Cameras -More

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4x Panasonic CR-V3 3V Photo Lithium Battery for Digital Cameras

Panasonic Lithium Cylindrical batteries type CR come as either single cells or dual cell packs. Pack batteries are packaged in a resin case, enabling easy replacement by users, and their development was pioneered by Panasonic. All cylindrical type manganese dioxide (CR series) Lithium batteries feature a spiral structure. By enlarging the surface areas of the positive and negative electrodes, they allow a current as high as several amperes to be drawn.

The CR-V3 battery is the answer to ever-increasing demands for stronger power in portable devices, especially digital cameras. Its shape is designed to match the space occupied by a pair of AA size batteries held next to each other. By design, this allows many cameras to run with either a pair of AA batteries or a single CR-V3. Because it uses Lithium chemistry to store electricity, a CR-V3 is also likely to outperform a pair of AA batteries, such as in the case of counting the number of pictures taken with a single set of batteries.

Note: The CR-V3 may be compatible with some devices not listed here, but it does not necessarily work in all devices using 2 AA batteries, so please check with your manual or manufacturer of the camera before purchasing to be certain.

Features of Panasonic CRV3
  • Fits many cameras please consult device manual
  • Size: CR-V3 is equivalent to two (2) AA batteries
  • 3 volts; 3300mAh
  • High discharge characteristics for applications such as digital cameras, flash units, etc.
  • Stable voltage during discharge
  • Only 1.0% self-discharge rate per year
  • The CR-V3's battery life is 2.75 times longer than conventional AA Lithium cells, 2 times longer than NiMH rechargeable cells, and 20-30 times longer than conventional AA Alkaline batteries.
Also Known As: 23-354, 23-460, 23-506, 6207, 770410, CR17355, CRV3, CRV-3, CR-V3, CR-V3P, DLCRV3, DLCRV3B, ELCRV3, KCRV3, KCRV3-1, KITCRV3, LB01, LB-01, LB01E, LBO1, LB-O1, LBO1E, PRCR-V3, PRCR-V3R, RLCRV3, SBP-1103, ULCR-V3R, VLCRV3

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 0.3500
Width 0.571"
Height 2.047"
Length 1.142"
Condition New
Brand Panasonic
Battery Size CR-V3
Output Voltage 3
Amperage 3300mAh


Specification Sheets & Documents

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