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4 Slot Smart Charger with 4 3.7V 800mAh Li-MN 14500 LCD with AC DC

SKU: EB-HB-H4S_EBLI-14500C8_4
4 Slot Smart Charger with 4 3.7V 800mAh Li-MN 14500 LCD with AC DC -More

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4 Slot Smart Charger with 4 3.7V 800mAh Li-MN 14500 LCD FLAT TOP Combo with AC DC Adapters

The EB-HB-H4S All In One Smart Battery Charger is an ideal battery charging system for your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. This charger supports Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Nickel Cadmium (NiCD) Li-Ion Lithium Ion and LiFePO4 batteries. This high quality smart battery charger switches to a minimum maintanence charge to prevent over charging of your batteries ensuring that you get the most life out of them. With the many variety of uses for batteries these days this charger is an ideal device for your home or office.

EB-HB-H4S All In One Smart Charger Features
  • Microcomputer IC controls charging process: CC/CV/Trickle charging, to make sure the battery is fully charged and won't be over charged; each slot controls independently; Mixed charging mode.
  • LCD instantly shows the charging process, battery voltage, battery type and present charging capacity.
  • Applicable batteries. Compatibility: (Diameter: below 26mm, Height: 34-70) Charge 3.7V Li-ion, 3.8V Li-ion, 3.2V LiFePO4 and 1.2V Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries.
  • Negative voltage control technology to improve charge efficiency.
  • Protects from opposite connection and short circuiting. (LCD shows "null")
  • Activates automatically for Li-ion batteries with protection board, which can instantaneously short circuit.
  • Batteries' voltage below 0.5V cannot be activated; LCD shows "null".
  • Stainless steel rail is durable and smooth.
  • Worldwide voltage, suitable for the world.
EB-HB-H4S All In One Smart Charger Electric Feature Specifications
  • AC features (adapter): AC 100-240V 50/60Hz DC 5V 2A
  • Output Features:
  • DC 4.35V +/- 0.02V 500mA +/- 30mA*4 or 1000mA +/- 30mA*4 DC 4.2V +/- 0.02V 500mA +/- 30mA*4 or 1000mA +/- 30mA*4 DC 3.6V +/- 0.02V 500mA +/- 30mA*4 or 1000mA +/- 30mA*4 DC 1.43V +/- 0.02V 500mA +/- 30mA*4 or 1000mA +/- 30mA*4
EB-HB-H4S All In One Smart Charging Instruction Mode
  • Plug in to view LCD screen.
  • If all batteries aren't inserted in slots, the LCD shows all data and then "null".
  • After putting batteries in slots, the charger recognizes Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries. If there is no any operation within 8 seconds, the charger will charge present battery type and the LCD shows the charging process, battery voltage, battery type and present charging capacity.
  • Within 8 seconds, press "SLOT" button to adjust the slot and press "MODE" button to choose battery type.
  • Battery symbol displays dynamically: Present charging status, Present battery capacity percentage, When charging, the blank battery grids light gradually.
  • 120s later backlight will be out automatically. Press the "SLOT" or "MODE button, backlight will turn on.
Smart Battery Charger Applicable Batteries Ni-MH/Ni-CD/Li-Ion/LiFePO4 Battery Sizes: AA, AAA Size Features:
  • Charger Size: 145mm x 100mm x 38mm (L x W x H)
  • Charger: 220g AC line: 40g
  • Use only Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) or Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Rechargeable batteries in the charger.
  • Do not attempt to recharge any non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Do not mix cell sizes, technologies or capacities in the charger.
  • This charger is designed for indoor use only.
  • Do not expose the charger to high temperatures or allow moisture or humidity of any kind to come into contact with the charger.
  • The charger should not be used by children without supervision or by disabled persons where the disability could prevent compliance with safety recommendations.
  • Children should be supervised at all times to ensure that they do not play with the charger.
  • Do not attempt to open charger. Repairs should only be carried out by a qualified service center.
  • Always disconnect the charger if it is not in use.
  • Use the charger in the temperature of 0 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius
  • Never use an extension cord or any attachment if not recommended by manufacturer. This may cause risk of fire, electric shock or injury to a person.
  • Batteries contain chemicals which are hazardous to the environment.
  • Please dispose of batteries properly at special collection points, or return to point of sale.
  • Do not use or sotre under the direcet sunlight, near heated equipment or other high temperature places.

Exell IMR 3.7V 14500 LiMN 800mAh Rechargeable High Drain Flat Top Battery

The Exell 14500C8 3.7V 800mAh LiMN Battery is an ideal replacement battery for many of todays in demand applications such as E-Cigarettes also known as MODS, Vaporizers or Vape products as well as high intensity LED flashlights and Solar Lamps used in gardens and walk ways.This LiMN battery has three-dimensional tunnels that enable rapid diffusion of Li+ through LiMn2O4 particles, and therefore lithium-ion cells made with this material can have better theoretical drain rate capability. Conventional lithium-ion cells use LiCoO2 or variations of that material. Cells with LiCoO2 cathodes are typically designated with the term "ICR". The LiCoO2 type materials have a layered crystal structure that only enables 2D diffusion within the layers, so the overall Li+ diffusion rate is slower.

Li-MN batteries have a lower crystalline density and therefore a lower inherent capacity (mAh/ml) than LiCoO2. If you do a direct replacement of LiCoO2 with LiMn2O4, the capacity of the cell will be reduced by ~15%. But here is the interesting thing: simply doing a direct replacement with LiMn2O4 will not significantly increase the rate capability of a cell. In order to get a real increase in rate capability, you need to design a cell with higher electrode surface area and thinner electrodes because Li+ diffusion in the cathode particles is not the only bottleneck to getting current out of the cell. Using thinner electrodes further reduces the capacity of the cell because you will have a higher fraction of "inert" materials like the separator and current collector. This is why IMR cells typically have ~40% lower capacity than their ICR cousins.

Exell 14500C8 3.7V 800mAh LiMN Battery Specifications
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Amperage: 800mAh
  • Battery Size: 14500
  • C Rating Charge Rate: 1 ~ 3C
  • Type: Lithium Manganese (LiMN)
  • Length: 1.91(48.51mm)
  • Width: 0.55in (13.97mm)
  • Terminal Type: Flat Top
Exell LiMN Battery Warning:
  • Do not overcharge or overdischarge
  • Recharge drained batteries immediately
  • Do not short circuit
  • Do not dispose of in fire
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or water
  • Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase

Exell 14500C8 3.7V 800mAh LiMN Battery Applications:Solar Lighting, Home Security Systems, Digital cameras, Electronic Cigarettes, E-CIG, MODS, Vape, Vaporizer, GPS, Digital calipers, calculators, electronic clocks, medical equipment, measuring instrument, sensors, radio transceiver, and many other electronics.

Exell 14500C8 3.7V 800mAh LiMN Battery Safety and Reliability Information:

An additional property of LiMn2O4 is that it cannot be overcharged. When a "true" IMR cell is charged beyond ~4.25 V, no additional capacity will go into the cell. The voltage will simply spike. This is exactly the same case for LiFePO4 cells. Cells that use LiCoO2 and its layered-metal oxide cousins can be overcharged, leading to significant safety issues when these cells are charged above their specified voltages. Cells with LiMn2O4 and LiFePO4 cathodes can be damaged by overcharging (oxidation of the electrolyte leads to increased internal resistance, loss of capacity and shorter cycle life), but overcharging to higher voltage does not make them less safe. This inability to overcharge, combined with the lower total energy density, is why lithium-ion cells with LiMn2O4 and LiFePO4 are generally considered to be "safer".

The last property of LiMn2O4 is that in its pure form it tends to have very poor cycle life. There has been a tremendous amount of research that has gone into improving the stability of LiMn2O4 to improve the cycle life of IMR cells, and this has produced cells with reasonably good long term performance. However, the easiest way to get great cycle life out of LiMn2O4 is to blend it with a separate cathode material that contains nickel. This includes the layered cathode materials Li(Nix,Cox,Mnx)O2 (aka NCM or 333), Li(NixCoyAlz)O2 (aka NCA) and Li(NixCoy)O2 (aka NCO). I won't bore you with the details, but it turns out that the oxides containing nickel acts to change the local chemistry around the LiMn2O4 particles and helps to improve stability.

Note: We ship Li-MN Batteries in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportations CFR 49. This may mean additional shipping charges in which case you will be contacted within 48 hours. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 0.6800
Width 100mm
Height 38mm
Length 145mm
Condition New
Brand Exell Battery
Warranty Life 1
Chemistry Li-MNO2
Output Voltage 5
Rechargeable Yes
Charge Rate 500mA
Terminal Type Flat Top
Color Black
Batteries Included? Yes
Battery Type Included 14500


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