2 AWG Interconnecting Copper Cables Kit |10FT Red|10FT Black|No Lugs

2 AWG Interconnecting Copper Cables Kit |10FT Red|10FT Black|No Lugs -More

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2 AWG Interconnecting Copper Cables |10Ft Black|10Ft Red Kit

10Ft Cables Kit Includes:
  • 10Ft 2 AWG Black Cable
  • 10Ft 2 AWG Red Cable
  • 1.5Ft Red Heat Shrink
  • 1.5Ft Black Heat Shrink

This 2 AWG Interconnecting Copper Cable is a heavy-duty flexible cable perfect for connecting Deep Cycle, SLA, or AGM battery banks and cells to devices like backup grids, RV hookups, golf carts, emergency systems, and much more. If you need a way to add more voltage, then this cable is the perfect dual-sided connector. The cable is made of high-quality materials that are heat resistant and doubled crimped to create a gas-tight seal to prevent the spread of corrosion and moisture inside the wires. When heated, the outer shell and the adhesive within the cable shrink to help protect the interior wires even more! This cable is UL listed and rated for MTW/THW/AWM. It is also sunlight resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 105°C (221°F). With flexible materials that were built to last, this cable can be easily stored in a garage, cabinet, shed, or toolbox until you need it. This cable is easy to install. Simply attach the lugs on either side of the cable to individual devices to create a solid connection. This cable can also be buried underground without the need for extra covering, sheathing, or piping to protect it. We're proud to assemble our cables here in the USA. Whether you need to make up voltage with a battery bank or pair two batteries together, this cable is the perfect accessory to achieve the optimal power that you need. Buy a 2 AWG Interconnecting Copper Cable today!

Features of the 10FT Cables
  • HIGH-QUALITY CABLE: This fine-stranded cable has a voltage of 600V and is rated for MTW/THW/AWM. It is also sunlight resistant, can be buried underground, and can handle temperatures up to 105°C (221°F).
  • MULTIPURPOSE HOOKUPS: This durable connection cable can be used to connect battery banks or cells for products like backup grids, RV hookups, golf carts, emergency systems, solar-powered devices, and much more.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC COATING: The cables' outside coating is double crimped to insulate the copper lugs and compression terminals. When heated, the tubing shrinks, which can protect the wires against corrosion and moisture.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: If you lack the room to stretch out the cable between two connections, this cable is flexible enough to accommodate the amount of space you need without causing much wear on the cable's wires or its outer shell.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 0.5400
Width 0.43
Diameter 0.43
Length 120
Condition New
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
Brand Exell Battery
Cable Size 2 AWG
Color Black/Red


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