2.4V Razor Battery Fits Phillips HP2631 HS920 HS930 Norelco 6828XL

2.4V Razor Battery Fits Phillips HP2631 HS920 HS930 Norelco 6828XL -More

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Exell Battery

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Exell Razor Battery EBR-HS920 Replaces 138 10609, Fits GRUNDIG 8825, 8835, 8875, NORELCO 6828XL, 6891XL, 7867XL, 8831XL, 8880XL, 8881XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, PANASONIC E150, E151, E152, E153, E154, E155 and many more.

Razor Battery EBR-HQ190 is 100% OEM compatible and is the perfect replacement battery for Phillips electric razor clippers and shavers.This battery is made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price.

  • Replaces PHILIPS 138 10609
  • Voltage: 2.4
  • Amperage: 2000mAh
  • Chemistry: Ni-MH
  • Dimensions: 1.92"" x 1.13"" x 0.56""

Razor Battery Fits:

3M: Centrimed,Sarnes 9602 surgical clipper

GRUNDIG 8825, 8835, 8875,

NORELCO 6828XL, 6891XL, 7867XL, 8831XL, 8880XL, 8881XL, 8883XL, 8890XL, 8891XL, 8892XL,

PANASONIC E150, E151, E152, E153, E154, E155, ER150, ER151, ER152, ER153, ER154,

PHILIPS 5812, 6423, 6424, 6613, 6614, 6618, 6843, 6853, HP2631, HP2710/A, HP2715, HP2720, HP2750/B, HP6320, HP6320FL, HP6321, HP6326, HP6326/PB, HP6327, HP6336/A, HP6337, HP6347, HP6347/PB, HQ 6852, HQ3825, HQ3870, HQ4807, HQ4821, HQ483/B, HQ4850, HQ4851, HQ4861, HQ4866, HQ487/B, HQ4870, HQ488, HQ4890, HQ5601, HQ5620, HQ5655, HQ5660, HQ58, HQ5801, HQ5802, HQ5815, HQ5819, HQ5821, HQ5825, HQ5826, HQ5830, HQ5841, HQ5842, HQ5845, HQ5846, HQ5847, HQ5848, HQ5850, HQ5853, HQ5854, HQ5856, HQ5858, HQ586, HQ5860, HQ5861, HQ5862, HQ5863, HQ5864, HQ5865, HQ5866, HQ5867, HQ5868, HQ5870, HQ5877, HQ5885, HQ5886, HQ5888, HQ5890, HQ67, HQ6705, HQ6705/B, HQ6707, HQ6715, HQ6720, HQ6725, HQ6730, HQ6735, HQ6740, HQ6755, HQ6756, HQ6757, HQ6760, HQ6761, HQ6762, HQ6763, HQ6764, HQ6770, HQ68, HQ6828XL, HQ6830, HQ6832, HQ6847, HQ6850, HQ6851, HQ6852, HQ6865, HQ6868, HQ6870, HQ6871, HQ6879, HQ6880, HQ6885, HQ6889, HQ6890, HQ6894, HQ7310, HQ7320, HQ7330, HQ7340, HQ7350, HQ7360, HQ7363, HQ7370, HQ7390, HQ77, HQ7740, HQ7742, HQ7760, HQ7780, HQ7782, HQ7815, HQ7825, HQ7830, HQ7845, HQ7850, HQ7870, HQ88, HQ8825, HQ8830, HQ8835, HQ8845, HQ8850, HQ8865, HQ8870, HQ8875, HQ8880, HQ8882, HQ8885, HQ8890, HQ8893, HQT789, HS350, HS355, HS360, HS375, HS600, HS655, HS820, HS825, HS875, HS885, HS920, HS925, HS930, HS955, HS965, HS969, HS970, HS975, HS980, HS985, HS990, Norelco 6828XL, Philishave Cool Skin HQ8890, Philishave Cool Skin HQ8893, T789,

REMINGTON MS2-280, MS2-290, MS2-390, MS-280, MS-290, MS-5100, MS-5200, MS-5500, MS-5700, MS-5800, MS-900, R-4130, R-5130, R-600, R-6130, R-7130, R-9100, R-9170, R-9190, R-9200, R-9250, R-9270, R-9290, R-9300, R-9350, R-9370, R-9500, R-TCT, WDF-5000,


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Additional Info

Additional Info

UPC 819891017765
Weight 0.3125
Width 1.13"
Height 0.56"
Length 1.92"
Condition New
Brand Exell Battery
Warranty Life 1
Chemistry NiMH
Output Voltage 2.4
Amperage 2000mAh
Terminal Type Solder Tabs
Color Green


Specification Sheets & Documents

No specification or documents available currently available for EBR-HS920. If you require a spec sheet, a msds sheet or any additional documents, please contact us and to request them. We will work to accommodate you.