10PK Maxell Silver Oxide Watch Battery SR920SW Low Drain Replaces 371

10PK Maxell Silver Oxide Watch Battery SR920SW Low Drain Replaces 371 -More

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10PK Maxell Silver Oxide SR920SW Low Drain Watch Battery Replaces 370, 371, 371BP, 371A, 371B, 371L, 537, 605, AG6, B370H, CX69 GP71 S21, D 371, D370, D370/371

This battery is a Silver-Oxide cell normally used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years. Other applications may include calculators, film cameras, medical instruments, cash registers, or FA instruments (measuring instruments, onboard microcomputers, sensors). Low drain batteries are best used in devices that use a small amount of power over a long period of time: Analog watches, TV remotes, alarm clocks, etc. This is in comparison to high drain batteries, which are for devices with a continuous, low power use and occasional high peaks: Analog and digital watches with extra functions (backlight, alarm), pocket calculators, electronic games, cameras, etc.

Maxell Silver Oxide SR920SW Low Drain Watch Battery Specifications
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.55V
  • Nominal Capacity: 45(mAh)
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 50 (�A)
  • Diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Height: 2.1 mm
Maxell Silver Oxide SR920SW Low Drain Watch Battery Features
  • Flat discharge characteristics A flat discharge curve during discharge supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life.
  • High-energy density High-energy density per unit volume provides approx. twice as the amount of energy capacity as button-type alkaline batteries.
  • Excellent discharge load characteristics Employing an alkaline electrolyte, the SR battery features excellent discharge load characteristics. Depending on the composition of the electrolytes, two models are available;
  • a low-drain type for analog watches, and a high-drain type for multi-function watches incorporating an alarm, illumination light, etc.
  • Superior leakage* resistance Featuring Maxell's original leak-resistant processing, the SR battery has excellent leakage resistance, which suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out � a basic phenomenon of alkaline electrolytes.

Maxell Silver Oxide SR920SW Low Drain Watch Battery Also Known As: 1171SO, 1188SO, 171 370, 280-31, 280-51, 30, 370, 371, 371BP, 371A, 371B, 371L, 537, 605, AG6, B370H, CX69 GP71 S21, D 371, D370, D370/371, D371, D371/370, GP371, LR69, LR920, LR920W, R 370/36, R 371/30, RW 315, RW 415, RW315, S18, S18 1171SO, S21, S921E, SB-AN, SB-AW, SB-BN, SG3, SP370, SP371, SR 69, SR 920 W, SR69, SR920, SR920SW, SR920SW/W, SR920W, SR920W/SW, SR921, TR920SW, TR920W, V370, V371, Z

Maxell Silver Oxide SR920SW Low Drain Watch Battery Compatibility

  • Alba: V722-X150
  • Berc: B371L
  • Boccia: 371
  • Bucherer: Steel Black Mirror Bezel
  • Bulova: 605, 620, 97B32, 97C23, Caravelle
  • Calvin Klein Element: 5D15, 5D20, 5D30
  • Casio: 1301 Module, 1310 Module, 1320 Module, 1374 Module, 1737 Module, 2301 Module, 2701 Module, 2705 Module, 307, 314, 315, 3321, 388 Module, 4746, 4973, 5153, 708, 708 Module, 708A, 709, 709A, 712, 712A, 747 Module, 756, 8530-6510, A680, A680G9, AB-40U, ABX 20, ABX-20U-1EVMQ, ABX20U, ABX20U-1EVMQ, AD-702, AD-720 Ana-Digi, AD300, AD703G9AV, AD7049AV, AMW320, AMW3200, AMW320B-1AV, AMW320D, AMW320D-9EV, AMW320F, AMW320R-1EV, AMW320R-7EV, AMW320RD-1A9V, AQ-131WG, AQ-140W, AQ-140WD, AQ-226GA, AQ-227A, AQ-227GA, AQ-227GL, AQ-228A, AQ-228GA, AQ-229A, AQ-229GA, AQ-230A, AQ-230A-1DMQYES, AQ-230A-7BMQYES, AQ-230A-7DMQYES, AQ-230GA, AQ130BW1EV, AQ2001, AQ2007, AQ200G9, AQ230, AQ230GA, AQ231B, AQ237E, AQ257B, AQ261B1, AQ261B2, AQ271B, AQ271B(CP), AQ278B, AQ279B, AQ291B, AQ301, AQ301G, AQ302, AQ3027D, AQ302G, AQ302G9D, AQ307SG7A, AQ33W, AQ33W1, AQ33W7, AQ353CW, AQ381E, AQ381E(CP), AQ381E(KM), AQ382E, AQ382E(CP), AQ383E, AQ383E(CP), AQ384E(CP), AQ389E(CP), AQ410, AQ410G9, AQ450, AQ450G, AQ47, AQ47-1E, AQ47-1E Mens Ana-digi, AQ47-7E Mens Ana-digi, AQ47-9E, AQ47-9E Mens Ana-digi, AQ471E, AQ47IE, AQ50, AQ600CW, AQ80C1B, AQ900G1, AQW10, AQW401, AQW407, AQX-10, AQX-10B, AW-120W, AW-23, AW-43, AW-48H, AW-48H-1BVEF, AW-48H-7BVEF, AW-48H-7EV, AW-49H, AW-49H-1BVEF, AW-49H-7BVEF, AW-49HE-2AVEF, AW-49HE-7AVEF, AW-5, AW-E10D-1EVES, AW23, AW30-9EVKM, AW3051EV, AW309EV, AW309EVCP, AW38, AW43, AW44, AW48, AW48H, AW48H-1BV, AW48H-7BV, AW48HE8AV, AW48HE9AV, AW49H, AW511V, AW514V, AW518V, AW519V, BEM107D, BEM107D-1AVDF, BEM108D, BEM108D-7AVDF, CS921, CX921, Digital-Analog Alarm Chronograph AW-38, EFA105, GIEZ Ti-Rubber, GS-300, GS-300-N8BVTDS, GS-300C, MMW210, MMW210-2A, MMW210-7AVDF, Module 3321, Module 4746, Module 756, Module QW332, MQ30W, MQ30W-1B, MQ30W-7B, MQ30WKM, MQ31-1B, MQ31-5B, MQ31-8B, MQ75, MQ752GL, MQ916, MQ916G, MTP-1370D-1A1V, MTP-1370D-1A2V, MTP-1370D-7A1V, MTP-1370D-7A2V, MTP-1370L-1AV, MTP-1370L-7AV, MTP3036, MTP3036A1AV, MTP3036A2AV, MW-59-7BVEF, MY60, MY601GL3C, MY601GL5C, MY601GL9C, MY602GL3C, MY60A, QW1091, QW1301, QW1302, QW203, QW301, QW303, QW304, QW306, QW307, QW308, QW314, QW315, QW317, QW322, QW332, QW353, QW427, QW516, QW722, QW739, QW744, QW745, QW746, QW747, QW748, QW749, QW755, QW756, QW757, QW765, QW766, QW774, QW788, QW790, QW791, QW793, QW798, W11, W111A, W11C1B, W11C1C, W40, W43H-1AV, WM101V
  • Casio Digital Analog: AD702, AW-38
  • Casio G-Shock: GS-300C
  • Casio GShock: 510
  • Certina: DS Quartz Silver Dial
  • Citizen: 1220, 1220A, 1230, 1230A, 1231, 1231A, 1260, 1260A, 251, 2510, 2510A, 251A, 280-31, 28051, 3800, 3800A, 3801, 3801A, 3802, 3802A, 3810, 3810A, 3811, 3811A, 3831, 3831A, 5500, 5500A, 5501, 5501A, 5502, 5502A, 5503, 5503A, 5510, 5510A, 5530, 5530A, 5590, 5590A, 7991, 7991A, 840361, 8930, 8930A, ANJ040297P, BF0074-52H, BK0864-55A, BK1740-52E, BK1744-51L, BK3700-56L, BK3704-55E, T010, T010A, T011, T011A
  • Duracell: D370, D371
  • Ellesse Mid-Size Diver: ETA 955.414
  • Energizer: 371-370TS
  • Esa: 958.332, 958.335, 988.331, 988.332, 988.431
  • Eta: 926.301, 955.112, 955.112-6, 955.114, 955.122, 955.124, 955.124R, 955.132, 955.132-6, 955.402, 955.412, 955.412-6, 955.412/2H, 955.414-6, 955.419-6, 955.424, 955.432, 955412, 958.332, 958.335, 988.331, 988.332, 988.431, F05.11A-3, F05.11A-6, F06.111, F06.11A, F06.11A-6
  • Fossil: AM3917, Blue AM3917, FS-2524, FS4120, FS4487
  • Giez: Titanium Limited Watch
  • Givenchy: 2-Tone
  • Givenchy 2-Tone: ETA 955.414
  • Harley Ronda: HQ503, HQ505, HQ505-6, HQ507, HQ509, HQ513, HQ515, HQ515-6, HQ517, HQ519, HQ705, HQ715, HQ752
  • Hattori: V722, V729, V732, V733, V739, V743, VD53, VD54, VD55, VD56, VD57, VD58, VD59
  • Hattory Pulsar: V743
  • Iec: SR57, SR69
  • Isa: 307/10, 307/30, 307/40, 317/10, 317/30, 317/30-6, 317/40
  • Kenneth Cole: KC1296
  • Locman: 488
  • Longines: 193, 195, L124, L263
  • Lorus: 7N43-0AM0, RXH15CX-9, V654, V657, V671, V732, V732-0J80, V732-OK30, V733, V739, V742, V742-8A30, V743, V744, VX42, VX42-X070, VX42-X163, VX42-X204, VX42-X206, VX42-X207, VX42-X240, VX42-X271, VX42-X322, VX42-X334, VX42-X347, VX42A
  • Luminox: Colormark Series 7000
  • Maxell: SR920SW
  • Mirexal: Titanium
  • Mr. Beams: MB371 LED motion sensor light
  • Nike: 101065
  • Omega: 1665, 9929
  • Omega Seamaster Titanium: 82
  • Other: 1171SO, 1188SO, 171 370, 280-31, 280-51, 30, 370, 371, 371A, 371B, 371BP, 371L, 537, 605, AG6, B370H, CX69 GP71 S21, D370, D370/371, D371, D371/370, GP371, LR69, LR920, LR920W, R 370/36, R 371/30, RW 415, RW315, S18, S18 1171SO, S21, S921E, SB-AN, SB-AW, SB-BN, SG3, SP370, SP371, SR69, SR920, SR920SW, SR920SW/W, SR920W, SR920W/SW, SR921, TR920SW, TR920W, V370, V371, Z
  • Panasonic: SP370, SP371
  • Pulsar: 5Y60, 7N32-0C20, PXD533, V011, V656, V656A, V691, V691A, V694, V694A, V722-X001, V722-X104, V732-0J80, V732-0M38, V732-0M38 R 2, V732-0M38 R2, V732-OM38, V732-OM38 R 2, V732-OM38 R2, V732C, V733-8A60, V733-X066, V735, V736, V736-6A20, V742, V742-0119, V742-6119, V742-8119, V742-X005, V742A, V743, V743-5A20, V743-8850, V743-8A20, V743-8A80, V744-X004, VX42, VX42-X052, Y100A
  • Radio Shack: 23-203, 63-5214, 63-5218, 63-5222, 63-5224
  • Raymond Weil 18k Electro: ETA 955.412,
  • Raymond Weil Tango: 5381
  • Rayovac: RW315, RW415
  • Renata: 30
  • Ronda: 115, 115A, 312, 312A, 313, 313.2, 313A, 315, 315A, 3972, 3972A, 3973, 3973A, 3975, 3975A, 3977, 3977A, 502, 502A, 503, 503A, 505, 505-HH6, 505.24D, 505.24H, 505A, 507, 507A, 509, 509A, 512, 512A, 513, 513A, 515, 515.24D, 515.24H, 515A, 517, 517A, 519, 519A, 583, 583A, 701, 702, 702A, 703, 703A, 705, 7056, 705A, 706, 706.0, 706.0A, 706.2, 706.2A, 706.3, 706.3A, 706.B, 706A, 708, 713, 713A, 715, 7156, 715A
  • Ronda Harley: 315, 505, 5056, 507, 509, 513, 515, 5156, 517
  • Sban: 537 605
  • Seiko: 041289, 2633A, 2639A, 2M21, 310, 310/11, 310/16, 310/31, 311, 311/31, 311/316, 316, 331, 497350, 4N0288, 5H22, 5H22-7A50, 5H22A, 5H23, 5H23-6379, 5H23-7000, 5H23-7009, 5H23-7809, 5H23-7879, 5H23-7A00, 5H23-7A80, 5H23-7D09, 5H23-7D19, 5H23-8029, 5H23-8A00, 5H23-8A09, 5H23-8A09A4, 5H23A, 5H26, 5L10, 5L14, 5L15, 5P22, 5P22A, 5P23, 5P23-5A60, 5P23A, 5P29, 5P29A, 5P30, 5P30-5070, 5P30-5099, 5P30-5400, 5P30-5C88, 5P30-5C99, 5P30-5D39, 5P30-614A, 5P30A, 5P31, 5P31-5049, 5P31A, 5P32, 5P32*5A79, 5P32-501A, 5P32-511A, 5P32-5120, 5P32-5230, 5P32-5A60, 5P32A, 5P39, 5P39A, 5S21, 5S21A, 5Y00, 5Y00-5000, 5Y00-503H, 5Y01, 5Y01A, 5Y02, 5Y02A, 5Y13, 5Y22, 5Y22-6009, 5Y22-6059, 5Y22-6A20, 5Y22-7009, 5Y22-7019, 5Y22-7039, 5Y22-7A09, 5Y22-7A10, 5Y22-8020, 5Y22-8050, 5Y22-8A60, 5Y22A, 5Y23, 5Y23-5058TH, 5Y23-606A, 5Y23-614B, 5Y23-6150, 5Y23-6A30, 5Y23-6A30 A4, 5Y23-7079, 5Y23-7089 A4, 5Y23-7089A4, 5Y23-7160, 5Y23-7216, 5Y23-7400, 5Y23-7A21-T, 5Y23-7A21-T A3, 5Y23-7A21T, 5Y23-7A21T A3, 5Y23-7A81, 5Y23-8039, 5Y23-8040, 5Y23-8049, 5Y23-8049 A1, 5Y23-8050, 5Y23-8200, 5Y23-8A11, 5Y23-8A60, 5Y23-8A69, 5Y23-8A69 A4, 5Y23-8A69A4, 5Y23-8C3L, 5Y23-BA50, 5Y23A, 5Y29, 5Y29-6000, 5Y30, 5Y30- 5069 RO, 5Y30-5000, 5Y30-5009, 5Y30-5060, 5Y30-5069, 5Y30-5069RO, 5Y30-5189, 5Y30-5349, 5Y30-5379, 5Y30-5A00, 5Y30-5B59, 5Y30-5B59 733324, 5Y30-5B89, 5Y30-7000, 5Y30-7009, 5Y30-7039, 5Y30-7039 RO, 5Y30-7039RO, 5Y30-7128, 5Y30-7A20, 5Y30-7A60, 5Y30-7A79, 5Y30A, 5Y31, 5Y31-5A80, 5Y31A, 5Y32, 5Y32-5129, 5Y32A, 5Y37, 5Y39, 5Y39-7010, 5Y39A, 5Y60, 5Y63, 5Y66, 5Y66-OBMB, 5Y67, 6020, 6020-5049, 6020-7079, 6020A, 6020B, 6030, 6030A, 6530, 6530-5079, 6530-5080T, 6530-5090, 6530-5200, 6530-5200 RO, 6530-54, 6530-5540, 6530-5550, 6530-5780, 6530-5790, 6530-5790(RO), 6530-6140, 6530A, 6531, 6531A, 6532, 6532A, 6532B, 6533, 6533-5039, 6533-5039 RO, 6533-5040, 6533-5050, 6533A, 6539, 6539A, 6F22, 6F22A, 6F24, 6F24-8009, 6F24-8009 R1, 6F24A, 6F25, 6F25-8009, 6F25A, 6F26, 6F26A, 6F28, 6F29, 6F29A, 6F32, 6F34, 6F38, 6F75, 6L01, 7C00, 7F32, 7F32A, 7F39, 7F39-6039, 7F39A, 7N21C, 7N22, 7N22-5001, 7N22-7041, 7N22-7041 R1, 7N22A, 7N22C, 7N23, 7N2381, 7N29, 7N29-5028, 7N29-5101, 7N29-5329, 7N29-6B20, 7N29-6E19, 7N29-6E19 R1, 7N29-8001, 7N29-8051, 7N29-8A09, 7N29A, 7N29C, 7N32, 7N32-0049, 7N32-00N0, 7N32-0149, 7N32-0C50, 7N32-0CH0, 7N32-0DJ0, 7N32-5A09, 7N32-OC50, 7N32-OOTO, 7N323, 7N32A, 7N32C, 7N33, 7N33-5A09, 7N33A, 7N33C, 7N35C, 7N36, 7N36-6A49, 7N36-7A08, 7N3674, 7N36A, 7N36C, 7N39, 7N39-08G0, 7N39-0A19, 7N39-0ATO, 7N39-0BR0, 7N39-5800, 7N39-A00, 7N39A, 7N39C, 7N42, 7N42-0AH0, 7N42-0AL0, 7N42-0AM0, 7N42-0BC0, 7N42-0CV0, 7N42-0DM0, 7N42-5010, 7N42-6A00, 7N42-6C10, 7N42-7000, 7N42-7189, 7N42-7A60, 7N42-7B29, 7N42-7C00, 7N42-8000, 7N42-800A, 7N42-8070, 7N42-8089, 7N42-8089 A4, 7N42-8090, 7N42-8099, 7N42-8100, 7N42-8108, 7N42-8109, 7N42-8219, 7N42-8490, 7N42-8901, 7N42-8A90, 7N42-9040, 7N42-9049, 7N42-9049 A4, 7N42-9089, 7N42-9A10, 7N42-OAL0, 7N42-OAM0, 7N42-OBTO, 7N42-OCBO, 7N42-OCSB, 7N42-OCVO, 7N42-OEHO, 7N42-OEJO, 7N42A, 7N42C, 7N43, 7N43-0041, 7N43-0AB0, 7N43-0AR0, 7N43-0AS0, 7N43-0AZ0, 7N43-0BF0, 7N43-0BFO, 7N43-1010, 7N43-29070, 7N43-2M21, 7N43-5009, 7N43-5549, 7N43-6011, 7N43-6120, 7N43-6A89, 7N43-7098, 7N43-7101, 7N43-7450, 7N43-7840, 7N43-7A39, 7N43-7A49, 7N43-7A59, 7N43-7A79, 7N43-7B00, 7N43-7B40, 7N43-8001, 7N43-8049, 7N43-8069, 7N43-8110, 7N43-8111, 7N43-81111, 7N43-8119, 7N43-812M, 7N43-8199, 7N43-8299, 7N43-8309, 7N43-8849, 7N43-8A30, 7N43-8A39, 7N43-8A49, 7N43-8A69, 7N43-8A89, 7N43-8A90, 7N43-8A90 A4, 7N43-8A99, 7N43-8A99 A4, 7N43-8B20, 7N43-8B39, 7N43-8B49, 7N43-8B89, 7N43-9011, 7N43-9041, 7N43-9046, 7N43-9048, 7N43-9048 4A, 7N43-9048 A4, 7N43-9049, 7N43-9069, 7N43-9069 A4, 7N43-9070, 7N43-9084, 7N43-9251R2, 7N43-9A00, 7N43-9AOO, 7N43-A39, 7N43-DAMD, 7N43-OABO, 7N43-OAC8, 7N43A, 7N43C, 7N47, 7N47C, 7N48, 7N48-8111, 7N48-8200, 7N48-8A00, 7N48-9A00, 7N4847, 7N48C, 7N93, 7N93C, 83506510, 8530-6510, 8M11, 8M15, 8M15A, 8M18, 8M18A, 8M25, 8M25-6029, 8M25-6179, 8M25A, 8M25B, 8M26, 8M26A, 8M29, 8M29-6009, 8M29A, 8M32, 8M32A, 8M35, 8M35-6010, 8M35-8009, 8M35-800A, 8M35A, 8M37A, 8M51, AG6, BP22, H556, H557, H557-5310, H557A, H601, H601-5389, H601-5430, H601-5480, H601A, H801, H801A, L012, L012A, LR920, PXE123, S18, S21, SB-AN, SBAW, SGG786, SLK093, SQ 5Y23, T001, V657, V657-8099, V657-9010, V657-9019, V657-9039, V657-9099, V657A, V671-6001, V671A, V722, V722-7058, V729, V729-X066, V729A, V732, V732-0190, V732-0790, V732-0J80, V732-0L70, V732-0M38, V732-0POO, V732-ID68, V732-OJ80, V732-OM38, V732-X190, V733-6C80, V733-X034, V733-X066, V735, V736, V739-0830, V739-0A40, V739-0A59, V739-0A89, V742-0119, V742-8090, V742-8119, V742-8A00, V742-8A20, V743-8850, V743-8A00, V743-8A20, V743-8B39, V743-8B50, V743-9029, V743-9A20, V743A, V744-X004, V789-0819, Y100-5059
  • Size: 1171SO, 1188SO, 280-31, 280-51, 30, 370, 371, 371A, 371B, 371BP, 371L, 537, 605, AG6, B370H, D370, D371, GP371, LR69, LR920, LR920W, R370, R371, RW315, RW415, S18, S21, S921E, SB-AN, SB-AW, SB-BN, SG3, SP370, SP371, SR69, SR920, SR920SW, SR920W, SR921, TR920SW, TR920W, V370, V371, Z
  • Skagen Titanium: 105LTX
  • Ssih: 9929
  • Tag: 4000 WF1120
  • Tag Heuer: WAH1011
  • Tag Heuer Formula 1: WAH1011
  • Thommen: Revue Greenmark
  • Tissot: PR 50 Atolo, TR100
  • Toshiba: D1L, D1T
  • Varta: 537, V370, V371, V371/537, V537
  • Varta Chron: V371
  • W. Honegger: ETA 955.412
  • Wenger Swiss Army: Military 200M
  • Wenger Swiss Military: 7291X, V371
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    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Weight 0.0100
    Diameter 0.26
    Height 0.08
    Length 0.27
    Condition New
    Country of Manufacture Japan
    Brand Maxell
    Battery Size 370 / 371
    Chemistry Silver Oxide
    Output Voltage 1.55
    Amperage 20
    Amperage (mAh) 20
    Input Voltage 1.55V
    Input Voltage 1.55V


    Specification Sheets & Documents

    No specification or documents available currently available for SR920SW-10PK. If you require a spec sheet, a msds sheet or any additional documents, please contact us and to request them. We will work to accommodate you.